2015: 21 Rules of Content Marketing

content marketing

Content marketing is all the hype these days. As social media continues to grow and SEO is incessantly redefined, content marketing is becoming core to all business’ activities.

Over the past few years, the importance of this form of modern marketing has been underestimated, and many businesses are only just starting to realise that they could easily be falling behind their more forward-thinking competitors.

The main pillars of content marketing are the production of provocative, original content and engagement with social media. These two forces, when combined, are hugely effective, and those who are neglecting them will be feeling regretful before long.

If you are new to the content marketing game, and want to find out what steps you can take to optimally prepare your business for the year ahead, check out this useful infographic. It outlines a number of basic rules which you must take into account when managing your online presence.

content marketing tips

Thanks to Kayak Online Marketing for putting this handy content marketing infographic together.