Don’t Suffer from Marketing Déjà Vu

In August, we proudly announced the publication of our first company press release. We released it over at, as that is an excellent platform to submit press releases on a budget. The theme of our latest press release is differentiation, particularly how our brand prioritises it in our copywriting philosophy. We do everything we can produce distinctive copywriting that can really succeed.

Avoid Shared Sales Messages

Competition is fierce on the internet, so it makes absolutely no sense that the majority of business websites compete using shared sales messages. These sites cannot hope to hold anybody’s attention when their messages have already been read hundreds of times before – there is nothing magical about marketing déjà vu.

Fight Back with Creativity and Imagination

Here at, we are trying to highlight the importance of creativity and imagination. These are the qualities vital for demanding the attention of weary web users. They don’t want to read flat sales jargon that can be read on millions of other websites.

A Philosophy with Historical Roots

This philosophy is by no means a new approach marketing. As far back as 1925, Burma-Shave was using creative marketing tactics to convey its messages in a different manner to competitors. Basically, the shaving cream company would place quirky signs along Route 66 between Chicago to Los Angeles (check out the entire story).

Why Prime Scripting Matters

In our SEO copywriting, we always show-up with our game-faces on. We are never content with repetition when we could say things differently. The English language gives us many options for outlining the same message. However, it’s how you convey that message that matters. This is precisely why our copywriting agency matters.

Chronicles of Our Company

The primary aim behind these press releases is to chronicle the life and times of Prime Scripting. It is so easy to let time pass you by, especially in business, and not chronicle your history. We want to be able to look back at the key milestones of our company and trace our journey as an ambitious UK copywriting agency. Regular visitors will be treated to further copywriting insights and additional content. (Photo credit to 1000heads)