Gorgeous Retro Advertising for Samsung Galaxy Gear

When I was watching US TV on Sunday night, two Samsung adverts caught my eye. Both of these were to promote the upcoming Galaxy Gear, Samsung’s first attempt at creating a smartwatch. While this is not the first time I have covered the Galaxy Gear here at Prime Scripting (here is the previous article), I feel compelled to comment on the quality of the adverts.

Advertising to Applaud

Now, before I start, I must point out that I don’t feel compelled to actually buy the smart watch. Personally, I’m just not a watch person. But even if I was, I know I wouldn’t purchase the Galaxy Gear (CNET isn’t impressed either). For starters, I’m an Apple guy, so compatibility if the first reason. Secondly, I just don’t feel like I need a smartwatch. That being said, it doesn’t stop me from applauding the retro advertising.

Samsung Galaxy Gear: Evolution

The first advertisement I witnessed was the dubbed ‘Evolution’. As you will be able to see from the video below, it starts by showing a series of smartwatches from as far back as 1946. However, the catch is that they are fictional watches from TV and cinema. Dick Tracy’s watch has the pleasure of leading off…

At the end of the video (if you watched all of it), the tagline is: ‘After All These Years… It’s Finally Real’. This serves to remind you that the concept for the smartwatch has always been there, albeit unrealised.

Samsung Galaxy Gear: A Long Time Coming

Advertisement number two bears the name ‘A Long Time Coming’. It also features all of the same watches and entertainment titles from the first advertisement, only this time we see footage of the watches in action. Samsung was really clever to approach the campaign from both sides, as you will be able to see in the second video…

Advert number two chooses to show a glamorous lady using the Galaxy Gear in the real world. It then finishes with the following tagline: ‘The Next Big Thing is Here’.

Working in Unison

Both adverts work firmly in unison as they attempt to herald the work of Samsung. Samsung leverages the power of nostalgia and retro-marketing heavily. Throughout the video, retro yet modern-sounding dance music supports that feeling. It’s certainly very powerful and it evokes plenty of emotion.

Will it Work?

In all honesty, the adverts took me back to my childhood when I craved exciting new gadgets. For now, however, I’m refraining from commenting further at this point. I want to wait and see if consumers respond to the advertising with purchases. You can take that as a promise to revisit this topic. (Photo credit to John Biehler)

By Mike Porter