How Not to Fail at SEO Copywriting

SEO search engine optimisation

Being a great copywriter simply isn’t enough. The days of focusing entirely on the message you wish to convey have long departed. Aside from print, virtually all of your marketing text is now available on the web. And your success on the web is dependent on your ability to perform SEO copywriting to an enviable standard. But there is positive news, as you can dramatically transform the standard of your content writing for the web.

Succeed at SEO copywriting

For those of you that already possess a flair for writing, you hold the greatest potential to succeed. Quite simply, this is because copywriting now requires you to seamlessly blend long-tail keywords within superb content. By not performing this activity, you will be depriving Google of the chance to find your content and present it to interested users. Your efforts will count for nought, even if they are written superbly.

Start with keyword research

After forming your ideas, the starting point has to be keyword research. You need to work out the relevant keywords that web users are using to scour Google for relevant content. Select the one that best conveys your message, and then integrate the term within your content. Do this by using the keyword within your title, a subheading, the body, and the meta description. You will also need to integrate further keywords within the body of text. The purpose is to maximise your discovery potential, and this is achieved through inclusion of relevant keywords.

Make friends with Google AdWords

To perform keyword research, you will require a tool that displays search quantities. Google AdWords has just such a tool, so you better create an account and get started. Following this step, you need to access Google Keyword Planner (this used to be called Keyword Tool). This facility will enable you to input potential keywords and assess them for suitability. Ideally, you should settle on a long-tail keyword (three words or greater) with at least a couple of hundred monthly search results. Make this keyword the focal point of the content and then include other related keywords to have the greatest chance of success.

Common copywriting mistakes

There are countless copywriting mistakes to be made, and that’s before you even begin optimising your content for SEO performance. Make sure that you at least avoid the following trio:

  • Competing on highly competitive search terms – You have no business competing for the likes of energy, telecoms, and clothes if you are not at the forefront of your industry. The leading firms will defeat you at every turn.
  • Integrating grammatically incorrect terms – Some keywords can never be included naturally within your content so don’t bother trying. Google will notice these and rank you lower in search results for doing so.
  • Neglecting on-page optimisation – There is a litany of websites that don’t use header tags and instead bold them. Tags such as H1, H2, and H3 will increase your visibility in Google. Additional factors such as outbound links, pictures, and videos are also beneficial.

Seize Every Opportunity

You must seize every opportunity available. Otherwise, you won’t stand a chance. Somebody better will always be waiting if you are not at your best. SEO copywriting provides you with an opportunity to blend a variety of tactics to improve your visibility in Google search results. The sheer level of competition on the web should inspire you to explore every avenue. Optimise your content writing for the web by taking the time to perform keyword research and then performing vital formatting to make the content accessible. Alternatively, you could waste your own time by creating content and leaving it never to be discovered – but that makes no sense at all.

By Mike Porter