Is This The End for Google Toolbar PageRank?

Google PageRank

Google Webmaster trend analyst John Mueller has announced that Google Toolbar PageRank is unlikely to be updated again.

For quite some time, the importance of Google’s PageRank has been a topic of discussion for SEOs. Throughout 2012 and 2013, the regularity of its updates has gradually slowed towards the seemingly inevitable point that the ranking metric would be permanently discontinued.

In October 2013, Google’s Matt Cutts implied that there would not be another PageRank update by the year end. However, only two months later, the metric was updated once again.

Since then, there have been absolutely no signs of any future updates, and this was further confirmed by John Mueller in a Google Webmaster Hangout:

“We are probably not going to be updating it (PageRank) going forward, at least in the Toolbar PageRank.”

You can watch the clip of him saying this in the Google Webmaster Hangout video, embedded below.

Google has made this move in an attempt to curb the practice of sites selling spammy links to those trying to make their way up the search engines. Although this has been clearly outlawed by Google for quite some time now, the market for these links is huge and has continued to grow.