2.9 Million Adobe Customers Affected in Cyber Attack

Adobe customers were today greeted with the shocking news that the multinational software company had been the victim of a devastating cyber attack. An astonishing 2.9 million users have been affected, with the hackers stealing user details and credit and debit card information.

Steps to Resolution

When addressing the monumental attack, Adobe would not commit to sharing the exact time and date of its occurrence. Adobe instead focused on outlining the steps being taken to resolve the situation:

  • All customer passwords have been reset
  • Affected customers are being contacted by Adobe
  • Customers’ banks have been warned
  • Federal law enforcement has been informed

Attack Occurred in August

Despite not committing to specify the date and time of the breach, it is said that the attack occurred in the middle of August and that Adobe wasn’t aware of it until 17 September. This assertion was made by KerbsOnSecurity, the security reporting website of Brian Kerbs.

Hackers Also Responsible for LexisNexis Breach

Kerbs and Alex Holden of Hold Security stumbled across 40GB worth of source code. The code was hidden on a server that is connected to the hackers responsible for attacking LexisNexis and other organisations in 2013.

Stolen Data was Encrypted

Adobe understandably regrets the entire incident and is promising to work ‘diligently’ to resolve the situation. It needs to be pointed out that this is not quite as bad as it appears. This is because all of the stolen personal data was encrypted, so apparently the affected customers are only facing a low level risk. That being said, this is an anxious time for those 2.9 million customers.

Largest Ever Data Breaches and Hacks

This is not the first time that a major data breach as dominated news headlines. For every story you read about an Adobe or a LexisNexis, there are considerably more incidents of data breaches. Here is a link to an amazing visual diagram that displays the largest data breaches in recent history. It is a truly stunning diagram and I wholeheartedly recommend you check it out. (Photo credit to Eric__I_E)

By Mike Porter