Adwords Management

AdWords Management

Google is the go-to search engine for nearly 70 per cent of web users on the face of the planet. Competitors in the industry are fighting for a tiny sliver of the remaining 30 per cent. Rather than divide our attention across multiple search platforms, we have taken the strategic decision to focus entirely on Google AdWords management.

About Google AdWords

Anybody can create a Google AdWords account and enter their payment information. However, most DIY users will inevitably make mistakes along the way, and this is even before a campaign has started. AdWords is so much more than just selecting a couple of keywords, assigning a maximum bid, and writing brief copy for your ad.

CPC vs. impressions

A key decision for any campaign is whether you wish to pay for a specified quantity of impressions (for example: 1,000) or assign a cost per click (CPC) to bid on keywords. SMEs typically favour CPC because they only pay for guaranteed clicks on their adverts. Considering the vast scope of the internet, money spent on impressions can lead to fewer clicks. User attention can often be drawn elsewhere.

Keyword research

You might only have a couple of Google keywords in mind for your campaign, and they will be a great starting point, but keyword research by our experts will uncover 20-30 words generating hundreds of searches every month. By assigning a large quantity of industry-relevant keywords to your ad, you will give it the greatest chance of success. You cannot afford to miss any opportunity – we won’t let it happen.

Maximising your quality score

Keywords selected for ad campaigns are assigned a quality score by algorithms powering AdWords. The aim is to achieve a high score out of ten to appear more frequently in CPC campaigns and obtain lower costs than your competitors. Outstanding copywriting is also integral to your quality score. Prime Scripting understands every aspect and can confidently manage your campaigns. Our job is to inform you and deliver transparent results where achievable.

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