Google Doodle Dedicated to Claude Debussy

Yesterday, Google launched a brand new creation for its Doodle range. This particular Google Doodle displays a side-on view of a classic city street, alongside which there are exquisite buildings and classic automobiles. The moon is the primary form of illumination in the video, once it starts, and then one of the automobiles takes you on a night-time journey shaded mostly in darkness.

The most magical part about the Doodle is the music, though, and that is because the Doodle was created to mark the 151st anniversary of Claude Debussy. Google has decided to use the splendid ‘Clair de lune’ to accompany the wonderful Doodle. The keys of the piano twinkle along magically to accompany the stunning lights of the city.

A Brief History of Google Doodles

The concept of the Doodle can be traced back to the founding of Google. The founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, made an alteration to the Google logo to reflect that they would be attending Burning Man Festival. Page and Brin continued to utilise Doodles with major events over the coming years. Mostly these would be slight variations of the original design.

Google Doodles have grown more ambitious as the years have gone by, with some creations even requiring interactivity on the part of the user. These can even be in the form of games, as evidenced by the Doodles for both the summer and winter Olympics. Some creations also display lengthy animations for users to watch, highlighting how far they have come.

Some of the Best Google Doodles

Google’s creation for Debussy has been marvellous, but over the past 15 years there have been plenty of other great ones. Have a look below to check out some of the most memorable:

  • Pac-Man – It was in 2010 that Google celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man by launching a special version of the game on its homepage.
  • London Olympics – This was, in fact, a series of games, with each dedicated to a particular event. Offices all over the UK will have featured the sound of frantic key-tapping and clicking as users tried win gold medals.
  • John Lennon – In October 2010, Google hosted a special animated segment to honour what would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday. The animation displayed cartoon flowers that were accompanied by his legendary song ‘Imagine’.
  • Albert Einstein – Now a decade old, the Albert Einstein Doodle is definitely one of the funniest to ever grace This is because the first ‘o’ in Google has been altered to display Einstein’s fuzzy grey hair. The moustaches looks particularly amusing in the graphic.
  • Moog – 2012 introduced us all to the Moog synthesiser, which is a Doodle that enabled users to play about with the keys and even record their creations.

You should have a try at playing with some of those suggestions. Now, while they are just some of the best Google Doodles, there are still plenty more for you to discover (click here to browse the entire range). Hopefully the future will bring yet more rich creations.