Marissa Mayer Leads the Resurrection of Yahoo

Some very interesting data has just emerged from the US last month. It indicated that Yahoo accounted for more unique web visitors than Google did in all of July. Now, the data does not take into account search engines or mobile users, but it still surprising nonetheless.

According to comScore, Yahoo managed to attract 196,564 to visit its web properties while Google generated 192,251. Those numbers account for users that visit website and services owned by both Yahoo and Google. Behind the two leaders, Microsoft attracted only 179,595 unique visitors in July.

12-Month Turnaround

Yahoo’s July performance marks the fist time since May 2011 that any other web operator was able to surpass Google in the US. This is a momentous achievement for Yahoo, and it also provides hope that the future will not bring about an internet dominated solely by Google.

Since 2012, Yahoo has made great strides to make up the ground that it had lost on Google. As evidence of that, Yahoo increased its amount of unique visitors by 21 per cent between July of last year and July of this year. CEO Marissa Mayer has helped to rejuvenate the previously languishing brand in just a short timeframe.

Dated Sites Revamped

Marissa Mayer explained in June that the improved performance of Yahoo was due to the revamping of its dated websites. Chief among the revamps were Yahoo Mail, Tumblr, sports, news and weather sites, helping to increase their appeal amongst web users once more.

Google just simply doesn’t have the same level of focus on such websites as those, with Google News drawing stories from third-party vendors. Yahoo has instead adopted an approach where it has sought to establish itself is an attractive destination for users to go and visit for information on the wider world.

Additional Considerations

The success of Yahoo must be put into perspective, however, with the corporation still behind in the search engine race. Google is still the dominant choice in the US, as supported by its 67 per cent share of the marker (comScore). Yahoo will likely require magic tricks to wrestle away Google’s considerable lead.

In addition, industry analysts keep highlighting that Yahoo is considerably behind when it comes to mobile. The July results, as outlined above, worked to Google’s favour in that mobile was not taken into consideration.

New CEO Helps to Fuel Success

Marissa Mayer is the current CEO of Yahoo, having joined the company in the summer of 2012. Mayer defected from Google in July of that summer to lead Yahoo forward and make up lost ground. She had previously been a key executive within the leadership structure of Google.

Mayer made a number changed to the working culture of Yahoo, with one of the most important being to wipe out working from home. She explained that she believed workers created more ideas when able to talk with one another in person.

What is to Come

The revamping of dated Yahoo websites has been another important factor but there is another. In May of 2013, Mayer completed the $1.1 billion acquisition of Tumblr, a blogging network that also strongly incorporates social media elements.

In the wake of the July results, industry analysts are now waiting eagerly to see how Yahoo manages to perform in August. Should Google return to the top, it might just be viewed as being business as usual. However, Mayer will be hoping for new successes at her new home.