Search Engine Optimisation

SEO search engine optimisation

If you are looking to generate new leads from your website, search engine optimisation (SEO) must be an integral cog in your marketing strategy. The online space is more competitive than ever, and without building your website’s rank, you will quickly be muscled out by your competitors.

Our organic, ‘white hat’ SEO strategies deliver sustainable results and drive relevant traffic to your website. The outdated ‘black hat’ tactics employed by some SEO consultants will only result in you being penalised and having to start from square one.

Demand more than an introduction

There are thousands of so-called SEO consultants who specialise in providing you with a canned report and a list of generic goals for your website. The truth of the matter is that optimising your site’s design is the simplest element of SEO. Any talented web designer will make it mobile compatible and set you up with a clear structure. Setting the foundations in place are easy, but everything else is tougher than you could ever imagine.

Driving relevant traffic

Driving significant visitors to your website will require you to obtain a high PageRank and also rank highly for related keywords in your industry. This is a task that will require more hours than you can spare away from your business. To summarise, PageRank is a value determined by a Google algorithm. No matter what anybody might tell you, the only way to make a clear difference in your PageRank is to obtain links from other sites to your website – these are known as backlinks.

Backlinks from authoritative sites

Backlinks are incredibly difficult to come by because most websites don’t want to give you them. And you will need a lot to generate even a minor increase in visitors. The advantage of working with Prime Scripting over other SEO consultants is that we know how to get backlinks and where to find the opportunities. Over hundreds of painstaking hours, we have developed a network of contacts that will accept our written articles. Within those articles will be your backlinks.

Doing what others can’t

Most SEO outfits have neither the writers nor the contacts needed to execute a long-term SEO strategy, but we do. Month after month, we can obtain more and more backlinks to position your website at the top of search results. Web directories simply won’t be enough. You will need a dynamic strategy tailored to your business. In essence, the best course of action is your course of action. And we are the partners to deliver.

Transparency and measurable results

Following an introductory month in which we address the basic SEO requirements for your website, we will then progress by doing the real work of the project. To conclude each month, we will provide clear reporting on the backlinks we have obtained and the progress made. You can expect complete transparency at every step with Prime Scripting.

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