Press Release Writing

writing press releases

Press releases with lasting value

A press release that will communicate your message clearly and have lasting value…that is precisely what we can promise you.

Share your burning news with the world

At some point, there will likely be a news story your organisation wishes to share with the rest of the web. A press release is an excellent way to tell people about a new product, new service or key development within your organisation.

Banish PR skeletons from your virtual closet

Press releases generally have a longer lifespan than your average internet article. They have a habit of sticking around and then being found much later in Google searches of your organisation. This is when press release writing from the past can become a skeleton in your virtual closet.

Chronicle the historic milestones of your organisation

A little extra investment in quality press release writing services will ensure that you don’t look back and grimace at old releases. These will instead serve as testament to the historic milestones of your organisation, there to share with the world.

Great quality without steep costs

That quality does not come at a steep cost. An online press release from one of our experienced copywriters will be fairly priced but also guarantee quality. We understand what it takes to succeed in writing a UK press release – and beyond.

Let us craft your next release

Get in touch and let Prime Scripting craft a press release to your specifications. You can reach us at any time by sending e-mails to (Photo credit to Shordzi)