The Intriguing Future of Apple

This is the year when the biopic of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs will be released, and its launch is a sad reminder that the corporate electronics giant will have gone two years without its iconic, visionary leader.

Apple is now into perhaps its most critical juncture, with the brand now a corporate behemoth. No longer can Apple rely on the leadership and creativity of Steve Jobs, thus placing incredible pressure on Tim Cook, who moved from COO to CEO to replace Jobs.

Success Continues with Established Products

Success has continued under Cook, as evidenced by turnover of $156.5 billion and net income of $41.7 billion in 2012 (click here for Apple financials). Cook inherited a winner when he took over as CEO, but that was entirely obvious.

Apple has continued to leverage success from its MacBook Pros, iMacs, iPhones, iPads and iPods, all of which were brought to market by Jobs and performed as strong sellers prior to his death. Cook has overseen the development of more advanced versions of those products, with some incorporating new features and others designed as new ranges entirely.

Cook basically received the keys to his father’s Ferrari and thus far he has not crashed it. Logically, he has pressed on with his policy of upgrading the current product range so as to keep pace with technology. However, at some point in the imminent future he will need his own flagship product launch to stand beside.

The iPhone 5C Arrives in September

September 2013 appears to be the first major stepping-stone for Cook, as he plans to unveil a budget version of the iPhone, named the iPhone 5C. According to inside information from Apple research reports, Cook will terminate the iPhone 5 range and instead continue with the 4S as the premium product line.

Should that insider information come to fruition next month, it will signify the start of an intriguing new direction for Apple. The company has already launched the premium iPhone 5, so many users of that device might be irritated if Apple chooses to discontinue it and turn 5 into a budget range.

Pressure Growing for Tim Cook

Now, while Cook is clearly willing to shake things up with one of Apple’s key products, we all still wait to see when he will release a truly fresh product for the company. The world still remembers the moments when Steve Jobs would take to the stage to announce ground-breaking products like the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Pressure is now mounting on Cook, as highlighted by the ever-increasing market share of Android handsets. A further factor that has concerned Cook throughout 2013 is that Apple’s share price declined by 40 per cent over the six months leading up to April this year.

Future Apple Products

As will be revealed to the world in the upcoming Jobs film, Apple’s late CEO had an extensive array of product ideas. It is said that Jobs envisioned the current incarnation of the iPad as far back as the early 1980s.

At the time of his death, Jobs is said to have left a number of ideas for new products. It doesn’t require any guesswork to determine that Tim Cook will look toward those product ideas for the Apple’s future.

When the time comes that they eventually arrive, it will be a fascinating moment for the whole world. Everybody will be eager to see whether or not Apple can realise any truly innovative products without Steve Jobs. Tim Cook is now guiding Apple into unknown waters for the first time in decades, and without Steve Jobs to help navigate.